Celebrating Tajikistan

It is very sad that the government chose not to mark the 90th anniversary of Tajikistan. It is particularly sad because we really need such anniversaries – anniversaries of real events that nobody is going to dispute – to boost patriotism and a sense of national unity in the country.

Although we have missed the opportunity to celebrate 90 years since the creation of the first explicitly Tajik state, we can still compensate for this by doing several things. First, I think we could replace the Independence Day we observe every year with Tajikistan Day falling on October 14 or October 15, the day when the Soviet Tajikistan was founded. We should be honest with ourselves: we have little to celebrate on Independence Day. Unlike many other nations, we did not fight for independence or put too much effort into becoming independent. Independence was effectively forced upon us at the time when most Tajiks wanted the republic to remain part of the Soviet Union. So, Independence Day is devoid of real meaning. Removing the Independence Day from the national calender and replacing it with the Tajikistan Day could be a way to get a real holiday, the holiday that most people in the country would have no problem understanding and relating to. On this day, we could celebrate the fact that there is a Tajik state. It might even be a good idea to stop observing another meaningful holiday, the Constitution Day, and make the Tajikistan Day last for two days in a row.

Second, I think we should definitely have a monument to the creation of Soviet Tajikistan 90 years ago. I do not know at the moment how that monument could look like. However, I feel we really should have it, in a central location in Dushanbe, not far from the Somoni Monument. This would have an important symbolic meaning: people would see a monument to Ismoil Somonoi, the creator of an ancient empire that we describe as “Tajik”, and a monument to the creation of Tajikistan, the political entity the rest of the world recognizes as “Tajik”.

I would like to ask journalists and other people who read my blog to try to make my proposals known to people in the presidential administration.


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